How to Upload a Video to YouTube From iPhone or Android

Want to get commenced with YouTube however aren’t positive how to add your first-ever video? In case you recorded with your cellphone, you may upload your video without delay to your YouTube channel out of your iPhone or Android device. Right here’s how.

How to upload a Video to YouTube on cell

To add a video to YouTube from your iPhone or Android cellphone, you’ll want the legit YouTube app in your cellphone.

Download and deploy the app on your iPhone or Android phone, in case you haven’t already accomplished so. Launch the YouTube app on your smartphone and log in for your YouTube (Google) account. Then, from the bar at the bottom of the app, choose the “+” (plus) sign.

YouTube will open a “Create” menu. Pick out “add a Video” from this menu.

Note: if you need to make a YouTube brief, faucet the “Create a quick” alternative. Or, in case you need to flow a video, tap the “pass stay” choice.

You’ll now see an “add” screen that displays all your cellphone’s videos. Right here, faucet the video which you’d like to add to YouTube. Then, whilst the video starts to play, tap “subsequent” on the pinnacle-right nook of the app.

Be aware: If YouTube asks to access your telephone’s gallery, tap the “allow get admission to” option so it is able to get admission to your films.


You’re now at the “upload information” screen. Right here, tap the “title” field and enter a name in your video. Tap “add Description” and upload a description for your video. Then tap “Public” to select who can watch your video on YouTube.

On the “Set Visibility” display that opens, pick such a visibility options for your video:

Public: This allows each person on YouTube to observe your video.

Unlisted: With this selection, best the people you share your video’s hyperlink with can watch the video.

Non-public: only you and the humans you choose can watch the video.

If you’d like to launch your video on YouTube at a particular time, then on the same “Set Visibility” screen, tap the “agenda” choice.

Tap the date and time drop-down container and choose a date and time for your video’s launch. Once this is completed, faucet the back arrow icon at the pinnacle-left nook of the app.

Lower back to the “add info” display, faucet “region” and upload a vicinity on your video. In case you need to add your video to a playlist, tap the “add to Playlists” option.


Then, on the top-right nook of the app, pick “subsequent.”

You’ve now reached the “choose target market” web page. Right here, you’ll outline for who your video is made. In case your video is meant for children, choose the “yes, It’s Made for kids” option. In any other case, pick the “No, It’s no longer Made for youngsters” alternative. Take a look at out YouTube’s web page to find out if your video is considered to be made for children. If you choose “No, It’s now not Made for kids,” specify further alternatives via tapping “Age restriction (advanced).” Then, at the top-right corner of the app, tap “upload.”

Your video will start to add to YouTube. While that’s achieved, you may locate your uploaded motion pictures within the Library > Your movies phase of the YouTube app. Related: a way to look for YouTube motion pictures by way of Hashtag

With this you should have uploaded your video with your mobile phone

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